Thursday, 30 May 2013

Welcome to my new local blog!

Here, I'll mostly be talking about two of my favourite things: my love of food, and my neighbourhood: South Tottenham in London.

Topics for future posts will include: good take away services in the area, food markets, nearby restaurants and bars, supperclubs, recipes and more - all within the sometimes restrictive remit of keeping it local!

If you're wondering about the choice of name for this blog, check out the picture: Tottenham Cake is a traditional British pudding made from a simple slab of sponge, covered with a bright pink icing. Its origins remain unclear, but one theory is that its distinctively bright icing comes from the mulberry trees that once grew at Tottenham Fields burial ground. It was also said to have been given out free to local children following a 1901 win for Spurs!

Best served with custard, it's ridiculously easy to make, but requires a lot of food colouring...